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PIONEERS is a mobility program, within the European Climate-KIC initiative, for professionals from the business world, academia, research and administration who are developing their careers in the field of clean technologies, energy efficiency, transport and sustainable building, water and territory management, waste, smart grids, green consumption, optimization of industrial processes to reduce CO2 emissions, etc.


The Pioneers program, which operates in more than twenty European locations, runs from May to November and consists of a placement of 4 to 6 weeks (national or international), tailored advice on the transition of systems and innovation through a program of structured workshops and online training. With an innovative approach a combination of online training and workshops, and has a team of mentors for the 6 months that the program lasts, working on group projects on real challenges and in particular projects, with one-month locations in entities engaged in the fight against climate change.


The objective of this program is to create a community of experts providing them with tools to develop their skills and talents and thus explore, innovate and put into practice the latest advances that help mitigate the environmental impact, through new products and services.

What's the score?

The participants acquire new capacities to approach projects through systemic innovation and "Design Thinking", as well as a network of contacts both of professionals and of organizations of the industry, SMEs, universities, technological institutes, local and regional administrations, or associations, with which to create alliances that allow the systemic change necessary to address climate change.


- Professionals in urban planning, industrial processes, social transformation or natural resource management.

- Entities from these same areas with interesting projects in which the pioneers can contribute their strategic vision

DATE: Applications are open, you have until April 11, 2019

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